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The classification used by the SMC in their "Munros" and "Corbetts" books is largely followed giving sections from 0 to 17.  Any sections in Munro's Tables numbered higher than 17 have been incorporated into sections 0 to 17.  One major difference is that the M8 between Glasgow and Edinburgh seems a better modern boundary than the Highland Fault so the Ochils and Glen Artney are in Group 1 on this site whereas others, such as the SMC, put them in Group 0.  If a walk crosses section boundaries (this is rare) then it is usually classified on the basis of where it starts.  The aim is to upload routes for all the Munros, Munro Tops, Corbetts, Grahams, Donalds, Donald Tops and a few other select hills such as Ben Hiant in Ardnamurchan.  Modern "add ons" such as Corbett Tops and Graham Tops are completely ignored!  It is almost getting ridiculous.  Apparently, there is now a Graham Top amonst the Munros of the South Glen Shiel Ridge!  If this trend continues, one day there will be Ant Hills and Ant Hill Tops!!  On 18/9/2017, all Munros, save 2 (Ben More on Mull & Mount Keen), had routes uploaded.  Routes for about 10 Corbetts and about 25 Grahams (including 1 Donald) still have to be revisited before they can be uploaded.