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1151 Walks Uploaded & About This Website

This web site has been created to share the walking routes and photos of the last 50 years with other walkers and mountaineers.  Over a 1000 hills have been climbed - all in the British Isles.  The author has compleated (correct spelling!) the Munros, their tops and Furths three times plus the Corbetts, Grahams and Donalds (including Donald Tops) twice as well as all the mountains in Ireland above 2000 feet.  The majority of the routes are in Scotland but there are also some from the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Peak District, Wales and Ireland.  Routes up all Munros (including tops), Corbetts, Grahams and Donalds (including tops) have been uploaded as well as all Irish mountains over 2000 feet/610 m. In brief, Munros are Scottish Mountains over 3000 feet, Corbetts over 2500 feet and Grahams over 2000 feet.  A further stipulation is that Corbetts and Grahams must have a drop of at least 500 feet on all sides.  Donalds are hills above 2000 feet which lie south of the Highland Fault, mainly the Southern Uplands. Some Donalds are Grahams and a few are Corbetts but Donalds do not have to have the 500 foot drop of a Graham or Corbett.  The lists of Scottish Mountains are looked after by the Scottish Mountaineering Club who publish any updates which are usually due to more accurate resurveying.


There has been a recent development in that Alan Dawson, who seems to think he "owns" the Grahams list, has decided to change the definition to above 600 m rather than above 2000 feet/610 m.  I think this is wrong and I shall ignore this change.


On 11/6/24, 1151 walks had been uploaded.  Others will be added as they are revisited and digital photos are taken.  The web site will be constantly evolving.  Maps may be added one day!  Note that the walks and cycles in the Lincoln area are not included in this total as they don't include any hills let alone mountains!  I had to do something during the lockdowns!!

The web site is arranged around natural geographical areas.  In Scotland the classification for the Munros and Corbetts is used, from 0, 1, 2 ..... 9, 10a, 10b, 11 ..... 15, 16,17.  These main regions are then sub-divided by the author who realises that these may not meet with the approval of serious mappers! 

A dedicated e-mail address has been provided in the Contact section but it is not automatic and you will have to copy it into your own e-mail set up!  E-mails will be read from time to time so don't expect an immediate response!

The site has been designed to be as simple as possible and the author intends to keep it that way! Unlike some web sites which are “all singing, all dancing” and have many contributors, this site is a one man band and time is better spent mountaineering than making the site look “pretty”!

All photos are titled.  The title comes up (with date taken) if the mouse hovers over the photo.  Clicking on the photo enlarges it.  It can be closed by scrolling down and clicking on "close" or, simpler still, just clicking on any part of the photo.

A few walks are duplicated to another section, such as the Pennine Way, as they naturally belong in two sections.  They don't count twice in the total number of walks!