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 Copyright is strictly reserved on all content on this site especially walking routes and photos. It is realised that nothing will stop an individual copying anything on this site to their own computer and individuals are welcome to do so for their own use. Likewise, non-profit making clubs, charities and similar non-profit making organisations are welcome to use the content of this site and distribute it amongst themselves. However, any commercial organisation using any material on this site without the express permission of the author will be in breach of copyright and action may be taken. This includes publishing any extracts for so called "reviews". Permission should be sought by e-mail and must not be assumed if no reply is received. The photos used on this site are not the originals, but are significantly compressed, and are, therefore, not of as good quality as the originals which are stored off this site by the author.  Requests for originals should be made via e-mail. In some cases, higher quality originals are available which were taken on a better quality camera.


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To copy photos, also highlight by dragging the mouse across then copy or drag and drop to a waiting file. Both methods allow easy magnification and reduction plus distortion if one so wishes!