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All users of information on this web site do so at their own risk.  The author accepts no responsibility for any incident arising from use of information on this site even if such information is incorrect.

This is a free web site apart from copyright issues.

All walks have actually been walked by the author including any alternative routes.  Where a route has not been walked by the author, this is made very clear in the description.

All photos, unless otherwise stated, have been taken by the author and remain the property of the author.

The walks have not been written for "idiots".  They have been written for experienced walkers who have suitable maps for the area and know how to use them alongside a compass.  You will not find walks written solely for GPS here!  Grid references are given where appropriate.  In difficult to navigate areas, extra detail is sometimes given.  It is left to the walker to decide the risk involved with each walk.

Bear in mind that there are some very remote and rarely visited hills on this site and parts of some routes may be pathless, rough and boggy.  Some routes involve scrambling and the odd route involves climbing but these are all flagged up in each description.

Grid references have been checked but no guarantee can be given as to their accuracy.  In a project of this scale, mistakes are likely to occur somewhere.