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I have walked past the much loved sycamore tree in Sycamore Gap on Hadrian's Wall as it is on the Pennine Way.  It was sickening to hear that some stupid moron(s) cut it down.  The world would be bette roff without such people who get their kicks from destroying the things which other people love.  This is a crime against society,  I would lock them up until the tree regrows.


On Higher Shelf Stones (near Bleaklow) in the peak District is probaly the largest area of aircraft wreckage in the UK.  This summer, someone had put a sign near the road (top of the Snake Pass) indicating the route to the wreckage.  This resulted in many people getting lost and really struggling to find the wreckage even in clear weather as whoever put the sign out hadn't thought enough about the route.  I took this up with the National Park Authority who never even replied.  That's poor.  The walk described on this site is the most assured way to the wreckage.  The link is