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Gear is very much a personal thing but do go out well equipped for the route and the time of year.  Obviously, good boots, warm clothing, waterproofs, food, water, map and compass are the basic requirements.  Always be prepared to "break new boots in" whatever the claims of the manufacturer!  Bear in mind that the weather can change very suddenly, especially in Scotland so check the forecast before setting out and be prepared for anything.  Winter conditions demand special skills not just of using ice axe and crampons but of assessing the risk of avalanches which are much more common than many people realise.  Be aware of avalanche risk before setting out in winter.

There is much excellent equipment on the market at varying prices so shop around for bargains.

A good rucksack is essential so take time to choose one which is good for you and go to a shop whose staff are knowledgeable and can advise you.  It may cost a few pounds more but it will be worth it in the long run.

If buying a tent, consider where it will be used.  Mountain tents come at a premium and most people don't need them.  Tents for campsites are much cheaper.  If you are a regular camper on a site, there are many "luxuries" you can indulge in such as electric hook up which will give you access to a kettle, microwave, lighting, heating and even TV.  A small fan heater will normally keep the inside of a tent warm even in a frost although its noise may keep you awake!

If cycling, buy a mountain bike.  An estate track will soon wreck a road bike!

The author is happy to give individual opinions on gear to those who ask politely!